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What is even happening? Sam & Dean-bacle


What is even happening? Sam & Dean-bacle

Glenn Given

Hi! I’m Glenn the designer of the game slash! So uhhhhh sorry? Obvs we are snarky in many of our descriptions but, frankly, we’re not pushing one pairing or the other. That is literally why we made the game, so anybody could ship anybody.  I am sorry. The content of our games is not intended to hurt fans it’s trying to get more fans involved in ‘shipping; because we love it. And Sam, I think Sam is cute, cuter than Dean, and perhaps that card does need a rewrite. Our next printing should come up round the end of the summer-ish, since the inventory we have on order represents LITERALLY ALL OF OUR MONEY, we cannot just trash it. 

But, we hear the SPN community, as soon as physical editions can be updated they will be. The game is not about making fun of persons, it's about making great stories and the language on the Sam card actively hampers that goal.

Being dogpiled is not really an awesome feeling and I'm not certain what else we should be doing to address the concerns and feelings of the fanbase. 

@thehoundzofhell hey, that is a bit harsh ;(. Dream Date is roll and move game like Life or Monopoly we are more of a social party game like Apples to Apples or Billionaire Banshee. And, yes, my office is technically in a basement, but it’s  not in my mothers basement, it’s my basement I have a house in the woods of New Hampshire.

@transgendersam again, we’re sorry the last thing we want as game makers is to ruin somebody’s day.  Regarding the claim that we have sold millions and that it has been played by millions; sigh, if only. Just an indie game designer working two jobs to support a family and two dogs.I completely agree that hatred, fear and toxicity has no place in boardgames, or any art form, at least not as the source of the entertainment. Maybe games or other arts can say something positive and helpful about painful things. Probably the Sam card fails to do that, regardless, your feelings are valid and important. As mentioned when we next go to print we will reexamine this card. I would also invite you to check us about a bit more thoroughly and I think that you will find that we are kind of big on the anti-hatred/transphobia point. Definitely more so than many of the fucking idiots in game culture…

Anyway, if anybody wants to speak directly with me, the creator of the game, just hit me on twitter @gamesbyplaydate or via email and I’m happy to talk and to listen.